Someone recently asked me what was the ‘best’ program to lose weight and get thin fast – it’s interval training.  I probably disappointed them by not giving them a ‘push-button solution’ but what I did tell them amounts to a real miracle.  Thing is, you don’t hear much about it because no one can really make money off it because it’s so simple.  Here it is.

It’s real simple and cheap.  It’s called HIIT – high-intensity interval training.  Eat whatever you want whenever you want.  You don’t need products or equipment or a trainer or gym fees.  Just do a 15-minute high-intensity workout (no, not as strenuous as P90X) at home 2-3x/week.

HIIT or interval training boosts your metabolism, builds muscle, burns calories.  But the REAL SECRET is it boosts your *natural* HGH levels through the roof!  Like 600-900%.  That’s what causes you to really get lean and does so much more for you – sleep better, more sex drive, skin clears up and firms up, etc, etc.

I’m 56, started doing this a yr ago.  I’m in the best shape of my life – and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg or turn me into a gym monkey to achieve it – just some commitment and persistence. Read more here (no product, just info):

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